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“Only those very high standards could make our beloved one’s life easier, better and happier”







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Overcoming expectations is our mission. We’re here to follow your vision and extend it into one consistent product. You got all according to our agreement, and some more.

The process based on a customer-centric approach. Nowadays brand communication should be something that people really want to be involved in. Understanding and vibing your audience is what we’re here for.

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Our companies

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Trend Field Force Agency

Trend field force agency is a company specialized in field marketing founded in Tunisia in 2020. Our mission is to understand the demanding nature of several sectors in which we work. Dedicated TREND field agents provide merchandising services. The distribution and installation of point-of-sale equipment is carried out in a professional manner according to the needs of each store. A qualified team is also set up to promote your product.

Our partners

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Electronic Electronic

ABDELHEDI Electronics

Created in 2021, Electronics has given itself the mission of facilitating access to household appliances and high-tech products for the greatest number of people by offering its customers a wide choice of quality products from the biggest brands and at the best prices.

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TREND Digital

To stand out from your competitors thanks in particular to your SEO, Trend digital ensures that your company boosts its visibility by optimizing its paid acquisition strategies.

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Peritus Code

Peritus Code is a leading web agency specializing in cutting-edge design, development, and digital solutions. With a team of skilled experts, we transform your online presence into a powerful, user-friendly experience.
Elevate your brand with Peritus Code.

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